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Swap Shop with Alvina

Swap Shop T&C Information:

The Community of Wolverhampton can call in with items to Buy, Sell, Swap or Give Away Unwanted Items on Swap Shop, with the following exceptions;

• The swap shop is intended for non-commercial individuals.
• Please limit to 3 items and 1 phone number!!
• No businesses of any nature are allowed to call-in.
• If you’re a business owner or manager and would like to advertise on swap shop, contact Ramadan Radio Core Team for information via email; info@ramadanradiowolves.com
• Items from households only – must be fit for reuse / no electrical items (unless PAT tested) / no duvets (to avoid problems of dust mites, etc)
• No weapons, chemicals / fuel / hazardous materials, mattresses, food products, medicines, personals, real estate including mobile homes, rentals or services. Animals may not be sold – only given away. No livestock. No scrap metals or junk cars. No gambling devices. Tickets may be sold at face value or less.

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