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Freda Presents: Cooking Tips

Hadia presents: Quaranic Diamonds

Hadayat Presents: Pakistan Ke Yaad

Johan Presents:   The Better Together Show

Khalid Presents:  Parenting

Manan Malik is a prominent figure within both the muslim and wider community of Wolverhampton. He is well renowned for his motivational and public speaking endeavors relating to current affairs, multiculturalism and matters of faith. Radio Ramadan invites him to present a 4-part weekly show aimed at the Youth of today, with a specific focus on […]

Mohammed Shafiq presents: Pakistan ki Yaad

Marwa Presents: Sisters Circle

Mohammed Khalil presents - Reflections of the Sufi and Poetry

Nagma Presents:  Mindfulness Clinic

Ridwan Presents:  The Better Together Show

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