Freda Shafi

A passionate home cook, food blogger and food stylist who loves to creating traditional South Asian food with a modern twist.
Born and raised in Yorkshire to parents from Pakistan , I learnt to cook a variety of regional Indian dishes from an early age in my mum’s kitchen. To this day, I recreate the dishes she taught me back then. I learnt a lot about spices; not just their flavours but also their specific health benefits and for this reason, I call my spice box “nature’s medicine cabinet”
Nowadays, I love to experiment with different ingredients, adding a modern twist to age old traditional recipes. I started “Spice it up” – a blog, recipe channel and Instagram account over 8 years ago in Australia, which grew over several platforms; where I share my recipes daily and I’ve never looked back!
I also deliver regular “pop up” / guest chef supper club events at venues across Yorkshire including Harvey Nichols, where people come to enjoy both traditional Indian cuisine as well as my experimental tasting menus.
An advocate for using fresh, ethically sourced and sustainable produce wherever possible, I try to support local farmers and producers and strongly believe in buying local and ‘in season’ wherever possible. I believe that creating and sharing food is a natural conduit to connect people of all backgrounds as well as a way of inspiring the chef in everyone

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