Chantel and Dionne

Chantel and Dionne are co-founders of a social enterprise, Sister2Sister C.I.C, 2020 GBEA Finalists.
Chantel is an author, mentor and has an education background; Dionne is a lawyer and a mentor.
Both ladies are born and bred in Wolverhampton and have a passion for giving back to their
community through supporting young ethnic minority females to realise their full potential and be
the best version of themselves through empowerment programmes and mentoring services.

Chantel and Dionne are mothers themselves and they love spending time with their family
(alongside their BUSY schedules), they enjoy travelling, reading and thrive on personal development.

Presenting on the radio is outside of their comfort zone, but they firmly believe that if you don’t try
new things then your comfort zone will never grow. They are looking forward to joining the
Ramadan Radio team and contributing to their local community through their show. They would
love for you to support them on their journey and can’t wait for you to tune into ‘Sister2Sister Talks’
at 87.9FM

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