Atikur Rahman

Atikur Rahman shows

Atik has dabbled in a lot of things over the years and always likes to keep active with things to do. He is an avid volunteer having had spells in humanitarian charities and even hand on volunteering experience with St Johns. He has co founded and led student societies at university and held numerous charity events which has enabled him to network with a vast array of people from different professions, interests and walks of life from whom he takes life lessons on board.
Having studied in an Islamic secondary school in Birmingham, Atik went on to further education and is a graduate in Law; he is currently pursuing a masters in the same. Being a person coming from a academic background, Atik has always quizzed things and played devils advocate with himself, always trying to get a second perspective on opinions and viewpoints.
In his spare time, he enjoys helping out with event management, photography and dabble in all type of digital media.
Atik hopes to use this platform to inspire a generation of does, creatives and philanthropists.

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